Game featuring ragdoll combat between deranged combatants.

Become a flappy guy and blast other flappy men with a huge arsenal of weapons! Nuke and destroy your way through the swamps of Florida, the Water Park, Thunder Bases, and much more! 

A graphics setting of at most 9 is recommended as to not ruin the art style with ambient occlusion.

protip, press "L" to change characters, "F" to join games in progress, and number keys for weapons. Also use "V" for first person and "CTRL" to change camera side.

if you want to play the fake version, go here:

NOTE: you do not earn credits and exp in VIP servers, but server owner can enable all weapons and maps.

i'll be updating the game status here and stuff
-Christmas event is over! Check social links for more info and patch notes!
-random stuff.

have fun


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