made this for fun enjoy! this isn't serious at all and you can dance, fight, roleplay, and mess around.

Collect cash on the ground for cool power ups like cars, planes, guns, knives, and much more!

Press R to ragdoll and you will always spawn with stomp, slap, and kick tools. You can carry people who have been ragdolled while holding the slap tool and clicking.

-- Update Log (12/25/23) --
- New Bulletproof Vest
- Gun now deals 100 HP
- Fixed Lambo
- Hire a thief 
- Bug Fixes

-- Incoming Updates --
- many new cars
- new buildings: armory, restaurant, apartments, skyscraper, and more! some of these buildings you can buy for yourself and make money from it. Make sure nobody destroys your building though, so keep guard!


There are currently no running experiences.