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🕹️ NEW Casual Gamemode!
🚀 NEW Deep Space Map!
🦀 NEW Crab Boss!
🌋 NEW Lavagons & Boom Canyon!
🔔 Trading Hangout & Lobby have been merged!
🐞 Bug fixes!

🏆 Clash, sabotage, and race against others throughout a series of parkour obbies and wacky minigames!
Epic victory and epic loot can be yours 💎

✨Join Casual and Collect 5 Shards! Get the Metaverse Crate in the Event Shop! 1 Shard = 15 Shard Points

Dive - Double Space Bar
Push - Hold Q
Jump - Space Bar
Emotes - Press F and move your mouse

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Credits: 💳

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