Current Platform Support: XBOX, Tablets, Phones and Computers!

⚔️ Build your own crew and be the most infamous from all of them!

/e stats - Shows stats
/e rejoin - Server rejoin
/e snow - Disables snow
/e joinvc - Joins VC only servers

[Computer Controls]
[X - Door Kick] 
[G - Carry]
[LCTRL+G - Drag Carry]
[LCTRL - Crouch]
[LCTRL - Ragdoll Thrown]
[H - Pick Objects]

🎮Account has to be at least 10 days to play.
⚡️Energy -  can be lost by blocking or kicking doors.
💾Gun saves - can be lost by death or logging when KO.

🔨 Created by Nex5us and SyrDev.
💎 Special thanks to Benoxa and iumu.
⭐ Inspired by Da Hood.


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