Due to Roblox's audio update, The Undead Coming now suffers from instability-related issues; we've closed it for now but intend to come back, rectify these issues, and move it to a new place file for preservation purposes later.

At the moment, we're in the development of a rewrite (and rebranding) of The Undead coming called ZOMBLOX, which we seek to be The Undead Coming's replacement. ZOMBLOX is still The Undead Coming remake, just under a new title. We intend to make it bigger, better, and more innovative than The Undead Coming concept; ZOMBLOX will be what we wanted for The Undead Coming remake in the first place.

Rest assured that we will transfer all your data for those concerned about losing it when we rewrite the game with ZOMBLOX. This transfer includes brick currencies, cosmetics, and any other miscellaneous data. Be warned, though, not all cosmetics may transition to ZOMBLOX for design reasons, and to make it right, we will compensate for any cosmetics that we remove. 


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