🎹 Welcome to Piano Visualizations 2! 🎹

🖥️ Jam out with others virtually by playing piano notes with your computer keyboard!
🎶 Choose from a wide variety of soundfonts and pianos to accompany your playing!
🎼 A wide variety of sheets both in-game and elsewhere online!
🎹 MIDI keyboard support (including 88 keys and sustain pedal) - check our community server for details!

This experience is designed for desktop and may not provide the full intended experience on mobile.

Default Piano Controls:
Up / Down Arrow : Change Transposition
Left / Right Arrow : Change Volume
Spacebar : Sustain Pedal
Quote : Toggle Sustain
Enter / Return : Toggle Shiftlock
Backspace : Exit Piano

Scripter & UI - Hirumiro
Builders - Tainted_Desire, DisformedPotato, So_Jelly, gxvbby
Soundfonts - angelkireina, DisformedPotato
Collaborators: brianops1, OmniSci_nce, Seenall, icelandic123, q_izl, V01D_13SS

Shutdown = Updates!!


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