Update 2021-04-09
🛹 Added Hoverboards
📈 Added player stats
🌈 Skins and Trails for your Hoverboards
🥚 Rebalanced Shiny chance from eggs
โ„๏ธLumi and Lomogo Badges now work
🐛 Bug Fixes

1 Free skins and trail when you defeat each gym leader. Speak with them after you've won.

โญ Become the greatest Bloxymon trainer โญ
Battle, defeat, and capture Bloxymon to add them to your collection.
Evolve and upgrade them to make them stronger.
Complete quests and earn rewards.
Explore Pandea and unveil its mysteries.

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🐾 Catch Bloxymon
📈 Upgrade and Evolve
โ” Complete Quests
🗺๏ธ Explore the world and its areas
👟 Become a better trainer

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