We are getting reports of zombie attacks. You need to get ready! Deploy Soldiers and Combat Engineers to man your outpost. Use the Turrets. Train your soldiers and upgrade their health and skills! Get new weapons!

26 Oct- Improved AI
22 Oct- Added M32 Grenade Launcher

- Strategic shooter. Manage command points for deployment and kill zombies for more points. Spend it on a soldier or a combat engineer to repair the walls? You decide!
- Revolutionary AI Director knows your progress and adapts accordingly. No two games are the same. Doing well? Watch out for greater challenges. Just starting out? No worries, the AI Director will "try" to be nice to you.
- Intense atmosphere. The AI Director cues music based on the situation. You hear a menacing track? Better watch up!
- Realistic Weapons Eg bullet drop

Thanks to Y3llow Mustang (YouTube) for his models/ai to build upon.
tags: zombie defense, zombie defence, zombies, base defense, zombie shooter, zombie game, survive

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