It's time to join a music adventure in the Beat City 🌃 ...

Meet different Beat Runners and race them 👟, chill fashionably at the local Noodle Shop 🍜, feel the music pumping through your veins 🎧 and try reaching the margin of the endless Neon Tower 🗼. 
A Proceduraly Generated OBBY 🧱 but HARDER 🥵.

⚡Features and Challenges⚡:
- Avoid obstacles!
- Extreme momentum
- Obtain all the Power-Ups
- Reach the top (Daily, Weekly, Global Leaderboards)
- Complete your cosmetic collection
- Build your Music Playlists

🏆If you want to be the best, you've got to Beat the best!🏆

Available on PC/Tablet/Mobile! 

Controls 🎮
Left/Right or A/D
Jump: Space 

Left/Right: Swipe on Left Side
Jump: Tap on Right Side

Left/Right: DPad or Left Joystick
Jump: B


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