If you have a low end device then we recommend for you to change your roblox quality to 3 bars or lower
Welcome to Archived Nights. This game is purely a fnaf roleplay.
(Lead Developer, Builder) - xPonpu
(Co-Lead Developer, Scripter) - Skolverti
(Developer, Modeler) - BongoBrr
(Developer, Graphic Designer, Scripter) - ZweiForgot
(Developer, Prop Builder, Graphic Designer) - Nissanette
(Developer, Animator) - W1nt3rtr4px_39
(Music Man) - Edsirem00se
(Helped with Scripts) - WesFluff & DrEm0ji
(Models) - Rynfox, Thudner
(Springtrap, ITP) - Thudner & Holopaxume
Thank you to Scott Cawthon for making this wonderful Franchise.


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