No, I did not build it on the baseplate. I built it somewhere else. You will not spawn on the baseplate. Created 3/20/2012. Hopefully you will like it. No, I wont make ANYONE a Member ( Builder) even if I trust you, someone might make a mistake... Yeah. Like it or not it's the best I can do. And YES it's very hard! But if you're epic you can win! I've fixed the broken ending. Get 225 and I will make Large VIp. Get 300 Visits and I will make Mega VIP. Get 1,000 and I will make Super Huge VIP , your names ( Admins ) will be on my ads if you PM me, and I will check. Vip will be 6 RBX. Large for 15. Super Mega for 50. Super huge for 100.


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