After failing every job interview, your last resort was to become a supermodel! The only problem is that you're ugly! Luckily you know your way around a computer and sent modeling agencies photoshopped images of yourself, and they fell for it HAHAHAHAHA! You are officially a supermodel! 

✅All items purchased in-game will be added to your Roblox account! You can wear them on your avatar and in other Roblox games!

🤢 Make the ugliest outfit
👢 Walk the super ugly runway
🌟 Rate everyone's outfits
🎁 Wow the judges to get the golden buzzer
🎀 Try to become the top ugliest model!

This game is a parody of Fashion Famous, a girly dress up game.

-Hundreds of accessories!
-Lots of themes!
-Body scale ability!


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