Place of the damned.

Referred to as Jell or Jkell as its residents.

📕 It's said that Jell is the place that both exists and doesn't exist within the metaverse at the same time - it is bridged between the realms dylanjkl has created as a place to punish those who do not follow his divine rules.

The dislikes of this game are from the salt of the damned, this is the Roblox version of The Underworld, Hell or any other place of great suffering afterall. A like would be appreciated, since this is one of the first games of it's kind to punish wrong-doers.

🔺 If sentenced, your objective is to mine as much Vojoite as your sentence states - then proceed to the monument to be granted your release.

🎯 Your objectives are visible under your chatbox.

🪨 You have a 50:50 chance of losing ore when you die.

🗡️ Volunteers get swords that only damage 'Sentenced' players.

Epilepsy warning.


There are currently no running experiences.