Project SCP is a round-based casual (not very competitive) SCP game for all platforms and even supports VR.
your objective is to escape the facility either as a D-Class or Researcher

Keyboard Controls:
E | interact
Tab  | Inventory
Left Shift  | Run
Left Click | Shoot/Attack
Right Click | Aim
P   | Disable/Enable GUIs
M  | Admin Menu (VIP Servers)
N  | Player list
F  | Inspect weapon (only work on a few)

Badge Icons by franbos4 & Callio_Saiyan
Owner - Aaro_1
Scripting - Aaro_1 / anexpia
Building - franbos4 / Citrinities / anexpia
Modeling - franbos4

Music Composer - astowo
Ambience Composer - LeFormula / panzerv1

Game Inspired By - SCP : SL

Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from the scp wiki and its authors.


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