Welcome to the Robloxxia Raceway - Drag racing track. when you spawn you go to any of the 10 avalaible garages (each garage has 2 cars, a is 1 team) I have a seperate garage that you will notice while looking at garages, its closed. please don't try to destroy these cars, they dont regen and i have to put them back if they are so i put walls around the outside incase you do drive over the wall. twords the end you will see 3 signs with black and yellow strips, slow down right when u pass them, the finish is shortly before those. happy racing, and Enjoy!
The racing cars, are supposed to be used to race with your friends. The modern cars above, are mostly for display because they are bugged. I will probably fix them in the future, but until then, try not to hate in the comments.

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