Welcome to Tower FL! Your goal here is to climb up a 6 stage Tower made up from the many sections the game offers. But the catch is you only have 8 minutes to finish it before the round is over... Then the tower resets. Do YOU think you can finish the tower FLawlessly?!

We have halos and other effects you can earn, cool right?!! Beating the tower will award you with coins, which you can spend on mutators, and gears of your choice, and EXP which over time increases your level!! (certified coolness)

Join our group, and our community server for awesome things such as game announcements, questions, support, reports, and more! 😎

shutdown = update or bugfix!!!

VIP server commands:

/skip - skips the round
/setlength (number) - sets the length of the tower for the upcoming rounds
/kick (username;reason) - kicks the player from the server
/mod - deleted sections!?
/char (username) - changes your avatar into another player's avatar
/lock - locks the shop 
/unlock - unlocks the shop


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