This game is in active development and will release in the near future! Stay tuned.

Welcome, Dweller. The show is just about to start...

In this game, you are --------, locked within a labyrinth of insanity starring your worst nightmares.
Alone and powerless to fight back, can you survive and overcome the horrors that await you within your own mind?

The show will go on, but you will end here.
(All characters are owned by the developers, Some may be referencing other people however every character is its own individual character.)

Dootydut - Original concept and co-creator
mbramblet - Lead Scripter and co-creator
Menu Song: Atrium Carceri - Meltdown
Many Roblox and non-Roblox games for Inspiration

Huge thanks to all beta testers! (Who will be listed upon release)

Development started on 6/8/2020.


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