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Welcome to The New Arrivals! This is a FNAF 2 game, with a few twists to the original story and characters!

Press V to use night vision during the night

Warning! lower end devices may experience issues in the game, turn down your graphics to get better performance!

If the game servers shutdown, that means it's an update.
All the music and models in the game are made specifically for the game by our dev team.

Hywel_Playz - Map Design, Modeler, Voice Acting.
Cooltrap4 - Map Design, Modeler, Animation.
Astra_X2 - Music, Scripting, Voice Acting
jjyuill - Scripting
Nightmare0_0 - Animation
VParadoxYT - Scripting
BiteIsMe - Modeler
MinionAlex4 - Office Buttons, Apartment Buildings
DrEm0ji - Morphing System
GallantGaming - Voice Acting
atsparkles - Voice Acting
PoloExtreme - Maze Server System
StokeJoke - Potassium
ITPspringbonnie - A few Animations.
Released on 25/05/2021


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