Hold down F to fire your laser. 
Other less needed controls display at the top of your screen while your laser is equipped. Not iOS compatible.

Mine away blocks to make tunnels, obliterate bricks and form caves with your teammates.  Once the dividing wall collapses, clash with the other team's miners in an all out laser war.  The mine will start to fall apart as more blocks are mined, and the game will regenerate when there's around 1300 blocks left.

Exchange ore with other players in the Trade Ores GUI.  Trade ore to metal and then metal to ore at player-made negotiated exchange rates.

Get a better upgraded laser in the Craft Lasers GUI.  Use upgrade buttons to make your laser just the way you want it, as long as you have enough ore!  

YOU CAN'T ADD UPGRADES TO OLD LASERS. This game is like a tycoon, to get an even better laser you have to use the laser you just made to mine more ore.


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