Welcome to The Meme Rv! 
A Game where an RV drives to memes! :D

We have a UGC ITEM, for you avatar! You can get it at: or you can purchase it in game!

Nukes cost 400 robux 
You can use them for free in your own VIP server!

The game has 62 memes currently.

In your VIP server, you can decide the memes you want to see, skip the intermission, and do SO MUCH MORE!

This game wont get you demonetized on YouTube, all the intermission song aren't copyrighted and 99% of the memes arent copyrighted as well

Heavily inspired by:
The Normal Elevator:
Bus Simulator:


Added Are we there yet suggested by: @Tamikes124
Updated the Gobglogabgalab meme and changed someone stuff with the nuke.


There are currently no running experiences.