✧ Welcome to our immersive RP game! 

We highly recommend joining our group to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. 

Please note that our game is for now RP-only and features character models that are expertly crafted and exported directly from miHoYo.

.✧┈༺ ⚘݄ ༻┈✧.

To switch characters, simply click on the top left GUI and select "Characters".
If you turn off PVP, your items will be removed. Just remorph to regain them.

Use Ctrl Lock to keep your character stationary, and Shift to sprint when you need to move more quickly.

Our talented development team has created an amazing world, a perfect place for your new Journey to begin.

.✧┈༺ ♛ ༻┈✧.

Our expertise: 

- @hussiirubber [ Founder ]
Buildings / Terrain / Decorations / Etc.

- @Ayumynas [ Co-Founder ]
Terrain / Characters / etc.

- @LotzTime [ Lead-Developer ]
Scripting / UI / etc.

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