Operation Overlord is a tactical and realistic first-person shooter that is based on a legendary battle that happened during WW2, known as "Operation Overlord," aka "D-Day."

While the Axis Powers try to stop them, the Allies storm the beaches of Normandy and advance further through the battlefield by capturing points.

🎖️ The game offers a variety of classes with various playstyles. Although the majority of classes are free, there are some that cost money for those who want something more.

📑 It is advised that you pick a server that is close to where you are through the custom server picker.

🔨 The game's development team is constantly working to enhance and modernize the experience. The most likely reason for a server shutdown is because of an update.

👍 If you enjoyed the experience, feel free to give it a thumbs-up.

GENRE: WW2, FPS, War, History, Tactical, World War II


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