🛠️ Update Log: New version coming soon.
⚔️ Sword Requirements Information:

• Programming: twinqle
• UI Design: twinqle
• Modeling: Vazyr, Blender_MapCreator, Opocty, boomermimi, fearswar
• Graphics: DavidNet22
• Icons: DavidNet22
• Inspiration: macalads, not_deto, TetraDev

• With open sourced resources by: evaera, ForeverHD, 7z99, iiNemo, tomspell, EgoMoose, Merely

• You lose 5% of your time when you leave the game without being in the safe zone to prevent mass-serverhopping (caps at 50,000).
• Private servers are available as a sandbox option. Your stats will not be saved in them.


Flex Your Time, Flex Your Swords, Be the Best, Sword Fighting, PVP, Steal Time, Flex On Others, Stay Alive, Crates, Survival, Competitive, Risky,


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