"Welcome to a world where Critical Strike is Critically ill"

Join the group linked below and join our server for discussion of the game, and get notified when we update.

Here at ACS, we have freed characters from the concept of "nerfs." If something is too good, we buff the others. After all, if everybody is broken, nobody is. 

We reinvent class-based fighting on Roblox through extremely varied playstyles, fast paced gameplay, a huge variety of familiar and unfamiliar faces, and wide support for community content.

Inspired by the SSBB Minus Mod. 
This is an official Critical Strike spinoff.

Explosivesguy2, Stuffed_Eclipse
Trailer - Titanium | Maps - VoltRBLX, x6, Demoinc | Anims + Lobby - x6  | Classes - Tophat, Terra, EssentiallyDragon, tecnoman20 | Thumbnails - Tophat | Art - Kandezii


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