This game requires 2 VR players in the server to play!

Conflict spanning millennia is at your finger tips, hold steadfast alongside your Gods in battle and defeat the opposing heretics. Construct the superior monument and come out on top, putting the naysayers to shame.

VR Players have vision across the whole map, and they need to guide their minions to collect resources, avoid the enemies, and build their monument. VR Players can manipulate the map and decide where the resources must be allocated, but it is up to the minions to carry out the work.
Minions are limited to how far they can see by the map and the fog of war, they must work with the VR players to be victorious.

🎮 VR Controls:
- Right trigger: Toggle blueprint (touch)
- Left trigger: Ping
- Right hand: Move
- You may need to reset your character to move

Made for the RDC 2020 Gamejam by AlgyLacey, Arch_Mage, Crykee, xJennyBeanx, Quenty, Zomebody

Winner of Outstanding Use of Tech, RDC 2020


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