A special game for a special person <3


❤️ Vibe Hugs ❤️
★ Hang out with new people!
★ Over 100+ Animations & Dances!
★ Try-on Matching Outfits and you can also buy them!

🛍️ Avatar Catalog Shop where you can try things on and also buy!
✅ All purchases made in-game will be available in your Roblox inventory & can be used in all games.

💬 Commands 💬
- Headless & Korblox in Settings
- ;cmds if you have the Admin Commands gamepass!

🔔 Hit the favourite and like button!
💰 Remember to donate to support!

📢 All GAMEPASSES are ON-SALE (50% OFF!), buy them now!

Join our group called Vibe Production:!/about

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