New Obstacles of the Day mode!
New daily rewards!
New global leaderboards!
New achievements to earn free balls and pins!
Improved map!
Improved turn indication!
You can actually eat your fro-yo now!

🎳Welcome to Lane Crushers🎳
Bowling with friends or bowling solo, see how many pins you can crush in games of 5 or 10 frames! Collect new bowling balls and pins in our daily shop, enjoy fro-yo or classic Roblox delicacies in Waldo's Bistro upstairs! Make friends and dominate the scoreboard!

Premium benefits!! Roblox Premium subscribers get access to 3 extra items in the shop every day, all at a 20% discount!!

Follow us for updates @SkyBisonGames!

Built by CavCrow and programmed by ProbableAI.

Made using open source tools: roblox-ts, Rojo, and Roact.


There are currently no running experiences.