Please be aware that this game is a hobby for me, and I try to work on it every weekend to add and improve content! (As of 2024 I'm going to be quite busy, so won't be able to dedicate as much time to the game) Special thanks to Teo for creating the icon art used for the inventory system. (Many thanks to him!)

Hometown is a game where you can explore, build, and survive. But it's not just that – you can also take on various role-play job roles such as the FBI, police or Secret Service. Plus, you can run your own shops, farms, and even join in on bank heists and base raids! (Hometown has some game features that could be considered similar to Dark RP)

💰 Farm cryptocurrency.
⚒️ Gather resources.
🔫 Play as the FBI, police, or military officer. (Join group to apply)
🚗 Unlock cool vehicles.
🏪 Create your own stores.
🏢 Build strong bases.
💥 Raid other bases.
💵 Make in-game cash.


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