you're probably gonna get mad after the amount of content it doesn't offer. expect shutdowns and also updates, and also boring stuff for now.
shift to run
v to select full auto or semi
hip fire makes u spread a lot
aim down the sights is a lot more controllable
r to reload obviously, and to reload ur gun with new ammo go to a ammo table with your gun, its unlimited refills. 
if ur gun stops randomly after only firing like 9 shots, its bc ur gun jammed, press f to slide the bolt back then press f again to push it back. only occurs to the AKM.

patrol team benefits: 2 guns, one dmr one assault rifle, a pretty cool base that isn't made out of snow. mobile ammo box, and range finder, u can zoom in with this.a radar to detect friendlies and enemies. 

players team benefits: 1 gun, akm, lots of ambushing tactics, secret tunnel that leads to the other side of the patrol base. (gl finding it, hint dark spot)


There are currently no running experiences.