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🏰 Doomspire Brickbattle 8 is a classic game with a new twist! Play as one of 8 teams and destroy the spawns of the other teams! The last team standing wins! In this version, you can build bridges to other bases, double-jump, and more!

👁️ Developed by Wizard Studios:

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- EVENT: See above!

- Types of rounds / game modes (CTF, etc), New maps
- Music, Inventory systems
- Revamped shop + points

Tags: classic, old roblox, teams, team battle, rocket jump, bomb, build, Doomspire brickbattle, pvp, cyan, purple, orange, pink, tower battle, modded, red vs blue vs green vs yellow, edit, fighting, weapons, doomspire brickbattle, fan game, modded

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