Welcome to Club Insanity!
Come hang out with your friends and have fun.

To triple your daily coins, join our group: 

Currently in Beta so expect many changes.
Recent Updates:
-Fixed shop for mobile users
-Mobile improvements
-Reduced Lag
-Fixed Shop Items

Upcoming Updates:
- Stage Upgrade
- More shop items
- VIP lounge
- Song requests/DJ
- More dance moves
- Customizable rooms

Tags: Club, Party, Dance, Food, Dancing, Insanity, Owl, Elephant, Animal, Crazy, Silly, Breakdance, Arcade, Hotel, Legend, Of, Guest, Strafing, Sanity, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Fun, Fight, Punch, Restaurant, Celebrate, Celebration, Epic, Night, Hoverboard, Fidget Spinner, Whale, Fish, Aquarium, Boys and Girls Dance Club

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