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Version 1.4  2/21/21 {CUSTOM UPDATE}

~~~~~~~ Welcome to Gacha Online BETA! ~~~~~~~ (*・ω・)ノ
Customize your Gacha OCs in Roblox, just like Gacha Life -- ⭐BUT MULTIPLAYER!⭐

Have fun Roleplaying, Exploring, and just hanging out with new friends!
-- Make Gacha Mini Movies live and with your friends!
-- Customize your characters LIVE, right next to your buddies!

-- Made with ❤️ by Snowdust --

This is a fangame of the Gacha Club and Gacha Life series made by Lunime. Check them out on the App store!

Special thanks to Sukie Online for the main pic!

Map Credits:
Middle Park & Cat Cafe: Game "Sweet Dance"
School Plaza, Gym, Nurse, Pool & Office: "Maddoktor2"

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