Welcome to the Graveyard, a place where you can buy yourself a grave that will sit here for eternity, even if your account gets deleted.

To buy a grave, simply find a free spot, walk to it and a UI will pop up with different options! It takes around 10-30 seconds to update.

The game is in BETA, so expect some bugs!
Gather with your friends to remember old times. 
Explore the infinite world.

Patch notes:
_BETA 1.7.2
__Little patch for performance

_BETA 1.7.1
__Fixed grave purchasing bug.

_BETA 1.7
__Changes in the world's generation.
__Improvements in performance and integrity.
__Added a upgrade grave popup.
__Added a compass to locate your grave.
__Improved anti-exploit.

_BETA 1.5.1
__Fixed grave purchasing bug
__Lowered the chance of server being overload.

_BETA 1.5
__Improved game's structure (Making it safer and faster)
__Added a new dimension, the underworld
__Improved anti-exploit

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