WARNING: Not leaving at spawn will result in losing 10% of your time (maxing out at 250). To teleport to spawn, you must be above 50% HP and must remain completely still for 3 seconds. You need to have over 1,000 total time alive in order to use Teleport to Spawn. Leaving will result in a loss of 10% of your time.

- Six players are required to join before time alive is counted
- Teaming is allowed
- No exploiting or lag switching
- Abusing the quest system will result in a stat reset, then a ban. 
^ This includes alt farming or friends helping you.

If you are on a high time or are sword fighting, make sure to record in case of an exploiter. That way you can send evidence of you dying to an exploiter and your time may be restored. Make sure to join the server to send the evidence.

Developed by macalads.
Thanks to Regionality for scripting multiple swords & the quest system. 


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