Xbox - Keyboard only

Update Log: 
-Speedwagon Added
-3 New Game Modes
-Bug Fixes
-Quality Of Life Updates
-New Skins
-Few minor revamps

The long-awaited sequel of Troublesome Battlegrounds, TB2 provides players with the ultimate experience, providing you with action packed team battles in a variety of settings.

Game still early in development, likely to be bugs.
Exploit at your own risk. We do not appeal bans.

- Controls:
  - Punch: LMB
  - Block: F
  - Dodge: Q 
  - Run: W + W
  - Abilities: 1,2,3,4,5,X
  - Awakening: G
  - AFK Mode in settings, returns you to the lobby (Having 0 points ingame allows you to switch during matches)

- Credits:
  - Owners: Clown_Raz, Drarii
  - Contributors: Rasperry_Poison, Rinanori, Senko, Toukuri, nickdex, Wren_n

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