Welcome to Mermaid High! A school for Mermaids, Mermen & Students from Land! Like, favorite, and follow for updates!

This game is in testing stages, and isn't complete. If you encounter issues, please tell us on the group wall. Thanks!

Update log:
🌟 New permanent realm out
🌟 New sceptre to be won through quest 
🌟 New hairs
🌟 New birthday party for JodieBearx in new realm
🌟 New quest
Mermaid High Official Team:
JodieBearx: Owner, Builder
Mlpalicornix: Co-owner, Builder
INotTiagoXD: Set Maker, Hair Maker
Lovely_YT3: Scripter, Set Maker
H annish i van: Builder
SMILLI_happy: Set Maker
bratzssz AKA Star: Scripter and Partially a 3D Modeler

Credit to crysongbaby for helping with scripts

We aren't associated with the other, "Mermaid High", by Queen1234_XD. Her game contains stolen models from Royale High, Mermaid Life & our game. Things in our game are built by us & used with permission.

© 2023, Mlpalicornix. All rights reserved


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