Welcome to Crystal Simulator!

Please like the game and follow it, **Game is still in alpha, so you have to except bugs, shutdowns and updates**

💎 Use your tools to mine crystals!
💰 Collect coins to buy new pickaxe and to unlock new areas!
🐱 Find rare pets and hatch eggs to help you become the ultimate player! **Coming soon**

⏳|Stage| Beta, bugs are expected⏳

⚠️CHANGE LOG V1.0.3⚠️
[+] Pet System added
[+] You will be able to equip up to 3 pets in same time, but require gamepass for 6 pets
[+] Darkness scythe gamepass **The best tool in game**
[+] Possible all bug fixes and done some adjustments (check it in bugs card and adjustments card)
[+] Added daily reward system
[+] Added bags that can be crafted
[+] Added swords can be crafted
[+] Added cave + monsters inside it
[+] Battle arena
[+] Patched all exploits
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