NOTE: Do not show where the badges are. It ruins the point! | REAL Creation Date: 7/20/2011 | Inspired by Planet3arth's Find the Domos | Now you can find different versions of everyone's favorite sponge who live in a pineapple under the sea! How many of the spongebobs so far will you obtain? Sometimes they're in plain sight; sometimes they are hidden very well. | Best of all, new spongebobs are added ALL the time! I add spongebobs, like, daily. (Most spongebobs added in one day: 10) | Want more spongebobs? Donate here: | Got virtual drawing skills? Make your own Spongebob, then make it a decal and PM me, and there's a chance it will be in the game!: | Like the game? Join the fan group for updates about the hunt!

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