💫Bans Wiped; there were like a thousand bans in a couple of days so I'm doing this just in case. (I still doubt anyone got wrongfully banned)
• +10 more Powers added to the game
• Level cap increased to 100, unlocking the third reincarnation for a skill slot
+ more...

🌠 Default Controls
LMB: Punch
RMB: Kick
(Combo combinations are in the Skills menu)
E: Stance
R: Draw Weapon
F: Block
Double W/A/S/D: Dash

🌠 Anime Cross World is an open-world RPG that brings together many characters from your favorite anime! Mix and match a wide variety of skills, gear up with a plethora of weapons and accessories, complete quests, level up, destroy your enemies and challenge the world boss!



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