1.[N1C match for European Championship] 1 v 1 [Two Random Superstars]
2.[N1C Match for The Hardcore Championship 1 v 1 [Two Random Superstars]
3.[FCA For a Spot in the Money in The Bank ladder match]
-Main Show-
1.Shock Championship match: Sincarafan12 [C] Vs Brandon901 
2.Trio Tag Team Championship match Brandon901, Jackhammer900, and Imsteve173 [c] Vs ???, ???, and ???
3. Hardcore Championship match Imsteve173 [c] Vs Winner of Preshow Match 2
4.Global Championship match [United States Championship and Canadian Championship combine] InfinityZeus [Team USA] Vs Ninjaclayton39 [Team Canada]
5. European Championship match: SachikolovesU [c] Vs Winner of preshow match 1
6.FCA for n1c for The RWC Championship [Full Server]
7.Tag Team Championship match: HBKShawnMichaels and, InfinityZeus Vs Imsteve173 and Ninjaclayton39
8. InterContinental Championship match: NykeStorm [c] Vs Brandon901 [RC]
9. Money in The Bank match for a RWC Championship/World Heavyweight Champion


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