🌟 Welcome to Mad City, where YOU make history! 🌟 

Become a hero or embrace your dark side as a villain! Unleash chaos on the city or wear the badge and keep the peace. 
You have the choice! The heists never stop, and the thrill never ends! 


📣 Updates: 

💎 Heists no longer close when you are there! 
🗡️ Players now take 15% less damage. (Subject to change) 
💥 Proton now deals more damage. 
🔫 Tazer Ragdoll time is now 3 seconds instead of 4. 
👮 Arrest now takes 2 seconds instead of 1. 

🔧 Bug Fixes: 
🔧 Fixed players getting stuck in the door area for the jewelry store.


There are currently no running experiences.