Discover your favorite parts of working at an airport by joining the Aerborne Airports, Inc. team and choosing one of 15 specific positions to operate, each with specific jobs and tasks to do, like:

⭐ Check guests in
⭐ Serve as a flight attendant
⭐ Operate the departure gates
⭐ Maintain airport security
⭐ Drive the baggage cart and transport luggage
⭐ Direct traffic in the control tower
⭐ Fly the airplane
⭐ So much more!

All within a unique and newly immersive, custom-made experience! More is possible now in an airport game than you ever thought before!

👍 Remember this game is in Beta, and there will be bugs. Leave a thumbs up to encourage development. It helps us know you want us to create a better place!

More updates are planned for release soon!

* All 14 airlines featured are used without intention of owning the rights to each company mark.

💬 Credits:
Programming: 17frames
Graphics: SoftGB
Builds: Klutzagon


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