🔥 Operation Destruction 🔥.
This is a lawless zone, there are no rules! Provide the location and the tools (weapons of destruction) and enjoy epic destruction with your creativity!
Push the limits and dive into the vortex of chaos. VR supported, except for a few!

💥 Disasters and Tools 💥.
Disasters include fires, meteorites, earthquakes, tornadoes, fire whirlwinds, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, lightning, missiles, UFOs, zombies, monsters, plane crashes, runaway locomotives...
Destruction tools include vacuum cleaners, bombs, rocket launchers, flamethrowers...
Paid items are available for those who seek further destruction

🗺️ Maps 🗺️
More than 40 different maps are available. Some maps you can make.

🌟 Premium Members 🌟
Premium members have half the waiting time! Smoother destruction experience.

⚠ Caution ⚠
Excessive destruction can slow down the game and cause delays, so clean up with a vacuum cleaner.
Enjoy your freedom in this world of destruction!


There are currently no running experiences.