This game has no purpose. Just provide a place and playground equipment (disaster).
Come up with your own way of playing and have fun freely.
Stop being a nuisance.

Fire, Meteorite, Earthquake, Tornado, Fire Whirlwind, Flood, Typhoon, Tsunami, Lightning, Missile, UFO, Zombie, Siren Head, Zero Gravity, etc. All this for free!
Atomic bombs, black holes, volcanoes, and rotations are paid.

Villages, castles, giants' houses, amusement parks, resort islands, fishing villages, schools, hotels, orbies. Over 30 types.
It can be changed by majority vote.

🧹 Items 🧹
Vacuum cleaners, time bombs, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, fire extinguishers and more.
✨ There are some hidden items, let's find them!

👪 Private Server 👪
Private server is free. Perfect for those who want to play alone.

🎁Premium Member🎁
Premium members have half the waiting time.

Destroying too much will slow down the game and cause delays, so vacuum it up.


There are currently no running experiences.