This game has no purpose. Just provide a place and playset (disaster).
Think about how to play for yourself and enjoy yourself freely.
Let's stop harassing. You can also play in VR.

🌊 Disaster 🌊
Fires, meteorites, earthquakes, tornadoes, fire whirls, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, lightning, missiles, UFOs, zombies, monsters, zero gravity, etc. These are all free!
There is a charge for atomic bombs, black holes, volcanoes, and rotations.

✈ Map ✈
Castles, giant houses, amusement parks, fishing villages, schools, hotels, orbies, etc. Over 30 types.
You can switch by majority vote.

🧹 Item 🧹
Vacuum cleaners, time bombs, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, fire extinguishers, etc.
🎁 When you join the group, you will get a teleportation rod.
✨ There are some hidden items so let's find them!

👪 Private server 👪
Private server is free. Ideal for those who want to play alone.

⚠ Warning ⚠
If you destroy it too much, the game will slow down and delay, so vacuum it.


There are currently no running experiences.