Based on the real thing, which ran from 1932 to 2011.

-Don't just go full throttle. The trains are a bit unstable now and may derail.

Locomotives- KTM Class 22

-My own hard work for the track system and trains.
-Spacek's Newsmooth tools system helped too.
-And msmike999' s coupler system, just to ensure the imposed copyright system of larger Roblox railroading communities doesn't get mad. I'll replace it with a friend's system sometime because it doesn't like inclines with PGS on.

- Bukit Timah Railway Station and truss bridge. Clementi Road Tunnel and Clementi Incline COMING SOON. Also more terrain.

Intending to build the Sunset Bridges, Commonwealth and Clementi Avenue bridge underpasses, Faber Walk Street Run, AYE Pedestrian/ Rail bridge, Teban Intersection Tunnel. May extend to Jurong Industrial District later, but it probably won't fit the idea of this project.

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