Current status: Paid Access

🚨 This game is still in very early Alpha. Please be patient with us as we work through bugs & gameplay issues. 🚨

 🌍 Enter a wacky world where toys you make are able to come to life! Craft anything you can imagine: toys, stuffed animals, cars, houses, furniture, and more! Explore the world and beyond with your toy companions by your side and participate in exciting events!🌍

⭐️ CRAFT special toys 🧸✨, take them home and bring them to life in your room!⭐️
🔑 UNLOCK exciting new worlds! 🗺
🔎 Find RARE materials to craft special recipes 🔎
📖 BEAT challenges to get a chance at winning recipes, jellybeans, and more! 📖
👜 COLLECT JELLYBEANS to buy everything from house furniture to cars 👜

📣 Participate in weekly events for a chance to find ✨SPECIAL✨ MATERIALS!

Find us @ToyPlanetTeam on Twitter.


There are currently no running experiences.