What will you pursue, the life of a chef, doctor, sailor, mapper, or even the captain of a crew?  Invite friends to make your crew to explore the seas and gain bounty!  Or be a marine to enforce Justice across the world!

New Island to be added at 1000 likes!

If you have a private server you automatically get admin on it.

-Fruits: Gomu, Flower, Magu, Hie, Goro, Spike, Suke, Mera, Pika, Suna, Ito, Bari, Buki
-Styles: 3 sword style, climatact, black leg, fishman karate
-Fully animated weapons
-Massive map with over forty islands to explore!
-Supportive RP community

Tags: OP, RP, luffy, devil fruit, OPRP, Sea Kings, Creative, OPRP, Pirate, whitebeard, blackbeard, zoro, sanji


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