👉Update: Try on items whilst viewing outfits!

Rejoin the game when you add a new friend so the game can update your friend history!

✨List of all features✨
-) Friend List Tracker (Tracks who friended and unfriended you)
-) Most Famous/Inactive/Richest Friend List (ranks your friends!)
-) Real-Time Friend Notifier (Get notifications when your friends go online, offline or play a game)
-) Outfit Viewer (See all outfits a player has made, and what is equipped to make each outfit)
-) Morpher (Morph into a player's current avatar, or into one of their outfits!)
-) In-Game Catalog (Try on/purchase items when viewing someone's avatar or outfits)
-) Follower Count, RAP & Last Online Checker (+ more, all found on the purple board!)

📆Dates are formatted as [DD/MM/YYYY]📆

✨Favourite this place and come back in the future to see who met you and who left you✨

⭐You can support me by liking + favouriting the game, & using Star Code MUNEEB⭐

Private Servers

Visit this experience with friends and other people you invite.
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