🔥💣💥A tapping simulator: Tap your way to rebirth, collect pets and get upgrades in order to increase your tapping to insane levels 💥 💣🔥

Update Note:
Players who have maxed out their jump or speed stat in dungeons now instead get SR-tokens when picking jump/speed upgrade

SR Island Update - 1 Oct
🏜️ New SR Island - Undead Crypt
🚀 New Pets
💀 New Dungeon Bosses
💰 SR-tokens when buying caped Jump/Speed upgrades in dungeon
♻️ Lowered prices on Undead Temple
🐛 Bug fixes

✨ Tap the tap button
🐱 Buy Pets
🔃 Rebirth
💨 Gain more jumps
⛰️ Reach new heights

Created by The Gang Stockholm. Join our Roblox group for a daily reward ingame!

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