🔥💣💥A tapping simulator: Tap your way to rebirth, collect pets and get upgrades in order to increase your tapping to insane levels 💥 💣🔥

🔥 Latest Update 🔥
20 Million Visits Egg
New code: 20milliontaps

⚡⚡Over 15 Million visits! Thank you for being awesome! ⚡⚡
New code: 15millions

Update - 11th of July
20 Million visits Egg!

Update - 9th of July
🔁 Auto Super Rebirth Super Upgrade
-Secret pets
🗺️ Winter Island
-New Egg
-3 New Pets
🧱 New lobby
-New Leaderboards

Update - 7th of July
Sports Island
New Egg
New Super Rebirth Upgrade

Update 5th of July
-New Island
-New Egg

Update 4th of July 
-4th of July Egg
-Bumped daily reward to 50K Gems

✨ Tap the tap button
🐱 Buy Pets
🔃 Rebirth
💨 Gain more jumps
⛰️ Reach new heights

Created by The Gang Stockholm. Join our Roblox group for a daily reward ingame!

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