Retro gun base from 2017 with notable features like vehicles, a flood system and pick-up weapons.

8v20, static, 10 min term. [EASY MODE]
16v8 (2:3), static, 15 min term. [NORMAL MODE]
8v13, static, 15 min term. [HARD MODE]
3 second rollback on all modes.

An easier ratio is possible for superclans on TRA's discretion, on both easy and normal mode.

Hard mode is only given when the TRA team is considered suboptimal to balance out the game.
VIP documentation;
No glitching.
No exploiting.
No frog jumping.
No spawn killing.
No alts (determined by defence leader).
Admins reserve the right to remove flaming/distruptive members based on behavior, as well as suspicion of cheating and rule breaking.
Credits: igoing2win, PeekayCypher & TRAD


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